Unity Church Road

An old building on Unity Church Road in Lakeland, GA

IMG_3315 ed 2


One thought on “Unity Church Road

  1. This was the house of my grandparents, Glover and Etha Walker. Granddaddy built this but I don’t know the year. The front room was a general store for the area. The railroad passed close by. There were two or three other rooms serving as kitchen/living room and bedrooms.All 3 children were born in this house; Christine Walker [our mother], Uncle Horace Walker, and Aunt Jerry Walker Bonifera. At the backside of this building was a stall for the mule who was named Joann. I am not sure of the date but I think in the 1930’s, Granddaddy built another house across the road. After moving across the road this building became storage for feed. The bars on the windows are as old as the building.


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