In the Pines

An early 1900s house moved from the city out into the pines of the county



Corbett/Summerlin House

Located on Austin Avenue in Pearson, this historic home was built in 1909 for Lucius Corbett, one of the three Corbett brothers. Its lovely charm is accented by gingerbread trim and a gabled roof.  It was owned by J.L. Summerlin for many years and was recently purchased and renovated by Ms. Evelyn Ballinger.


The Waldorf

The Waldorf, 1929 construction, was also a multipurpose building. Primarily, the building housed the plantation laundry. Washing machines were located on the first floor. A dumb waiter was available to take wet items to the second floor for drying on rainy days. The iron clothesline poles are still in place behind the building where clothes were dried on sunny days.

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