Hiram Sears Home (1890)

This two-story home was built about 1890 in then-Coffee County by Hiram Sears. It has a double veranda and touches of gingerbread trim. Located on Axson Road in Pearson.

axson rd


3 thoughts on “Hiram Sears Home (1890)

  1. Love these old type homes! The very large woodwork is so beautiful! I grew up with an old two story Riverside type home with full Attic with three dormers that had two roll out windows for ventilation!


  2. Shea,
    Do you happen to know if it was Hiram Sears, Sr. [1814-1901], or Jr. [1847-1900] that built this house? Or perhaps a different Hiram Sears?
    — Ethan


    • I believe it was Jr. (1847-1900)’s home. His grandchildren are the grantors on a 1983 deed to the present owner’s father. I also have a Hiram Franklin Sears (1876-1950) from this same line of “HFs” in my tree as my maternal great-great-grandfather.


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