Remembering Lacie Stone

Lacie Stone was somewhat of a fixture in Pearson when I was growing up. He probably logged more hours on the “Lazy Bench” than most men, even though he didn’t do a lot of talking. I probably passed by him hundreds of times going in and out of mama’s work at the law office over the years, and he probably grinned at me every single time.

When I started working as a lawyer in Homerville in 1999, it had been years since I had seen or heard about Lacie Stone. Then one day I got a court appointment from the Probate Judge to serve as his guardian ad litem as he was under medical care at the assisted living facility in Homerville. I remembered going to the center to visit him before the court hearing, and I figured he would have long forgotten who I was. But he hadn’t. I could tell. He recognized the lanky dark-headed kid and probably wondered what in the world I was doing paying him a visit.

I was saddened to see that Lacie passed away this week. His graveside service was today in Pearson. He was 79 years old.

It’s only natural that more and more pieces of our childhood begin to fade away as we grow older, but each time one leaves it causes a stir of memories and reflection. Lacie always seemed like he was keeping a secret and kept an eye on those around him. He was sort of like our town’s version of Boo Radley.

Rest in peace, Lacie, and know that you are remembered.


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